How I turned to plant based diet? Part Two: By Bassem Youssef

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ماهى البروستاتا؟ واين توجد ؟

هى جزء هام من الجهاز التناسلي للرجل وتوجد عند الذكر فقط وهى غده فى شكل وحجم ثمره "الجوز" أو "عين... المزيد

That was six months ago and since then I just stopped. I could feel the difference from the get go, I slept deeper and better and uninterrupted. My energy level is much better and now I realize what kind of a huge load that was lifted off my system. Animal products used to block my energy

It was an all time suppressor. I lost weight without even trying. I lost 8 kilos in less than 2 months and I never rebounded. My skin is better, the black rings under my eyes are gone and people who know me wonder why I look younger. I now play sports, more than before. I just ran a half marathon and I am training for my first ever triathlon

I thought that veganism and plant-based diet was alien to a life of sports, I was wrong. I found out that Novak Djokovic no.2 in tennis and formally no.1 were on plant based diet. The more I look into vegan sportsmen, I find marathon runners, cross trainers and even vegan bodybuilders. Nader directed me to read more and open my horizon about what we know about food. And this is when I realized something

We are wrong about everything we know about eating

As shocking as this may sound but I have come to believe that this is quite true. We have been reading about diet, looking for the latest fashion in eating, getting the latest fad about losing weight. And after reading every book out there, trying every diet out there. we think we know what we should we eat 

But we don’t

Part Three to Follow Next Week.. Stay Tuned 

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